Smart Thinking. Saving resources & money too

Using sustainable resources, minimising waste and dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. That’s the Chemex difference. We also lead the market in using natural, biological agents that give incredible cleaning results as well as being completely ‘green’.

You might think chemicals in plastic bottles aren’t the most environmentally friendly products on the planet, but the Chemex system offers some key environmental benefits not shared by our competitors.

Environmental Responsibility

Many products making environmental claims do not stand up to close scrutiny. They are often highly dilute so transporting them adds hugely to their carbon footprint. Packaging is often thrown away to landfill rather than refilled.

We supply high performance, concentrated products that are diluted on customers’ premises. That means we aren’t transporting water – saving millions of truck journey miles a year. It also means plastic trigger bottles are refilled and re-used rather than going to landfill.

Sustainable & Efficient

Chemex products have been specifically formulated for maximum cleaning efficiency and economy, using raw materials which are sustainable, biodegradable or environmentally neutral. So, we save labour time for our customers while doing our bit for the environment.

Reducing Miles

Supplying super-concentrates to be diluted onsite offers huge efficiency increases. We transport fewer units, less frequently and allow the end user to better utilise their storage areas. Savings also come ‘in use’, filling a trigger bottle costs pence rather than pounds because the dilution is done onsite.

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